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May 12, 2017

Post office work flow in CSI - Core System Integrator

  • STEP:01
  • In POS Back Office
  • PO Begin
  • Login to POS BO
  • PO Operation
  • PO Begin
  • Received Cash/Stamp Stationary From F and A
  • Counter Allocation
  • cash/Stamp Supply to Counter
  • STEP: 02
  • In POS
  • Shift Begin
  • Accept Allocation
  • Do the Transactions
  • STEP: 03
  • If It is Delivery Office
  • Login to SAP
  • Go to DOP Main Screen
  • GO to LSS
  • Select Post office
  • Click on Enter
  • Click on Shift Open
  • STEP:04
  • Go to DPMS
  • Do the Transactions Like Bag Receiving , Bag Opening, Issue to Postman, Issue eMO ,Cash to Postman
  • Enter Mis-sent Articles /redirected Articles in DPMS for Despatch
  • For Despatch of Articles
  • STEP:05
  • Login to POS Back office
  • GO to IPVS
  • Close Bag
  • Print Manifest
  • Despatch Bag
  • Print Mail List
  • STEP:06
  • POS Counter
  • Balance Transfer to Back Office Supervisor/Treasurer
  • Approve at Back Office
  • Do Money Order Approval at Back office Superisor
  • POS Account Submission
  • Approve at Back Office Supervisor
  • POS Shift End
  • Cash/Stamp Stationary Send to F and A by Back Office and Make Cash In Hand 0.
  • STEP:07
  • In DPMS
  • Take all types of returns from Postman
  • Take Cash From Postman
  • EOD Confirmation of Postman
  • DO LSS Set Closure Process
  • STEP:08
  • Go to POS Back Office
  • Do PO Account Submission
  • Do PO End.

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