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1. Cash withdrawal limit week from 24.02.17 to ​02.03.17, is configured in Finacle.

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February 28, 2017

Monthly Meeting on 02.03.2017

Monthly Meeting with Divisional Administration is scheduled to be held on 02.03.2017. All comrades are requested to submit their items if any, to the concerned Branch/Divisional secretary immediately.

Ch.Lenin Babu,
Divisional Secretary,
A.I.P.E.U Group'C,
Bhimavaram Division,

Directorate pursued clerical assistance to Sub Divisional Head with DDG(P)

Providing Clerical Assistant to Sub Divisional Head.
Directorate Letter No.10-01/2016-SR

February 27, 2017

Meghdoot Accountant Module Cash Book Generation error and its Solution

Cashbook Generation error - Invalid column name 'rsrplcommpaid'

Solution received from the CEPT for the above issue and attached below for resolving the same.
Click below link to download 158192_SUBTREASURY_RSRPLCommPaid.exl 
The above exl should be executed using the Script Tool which is provided by the CEPT. Before that you should take backup of the concerned database/ all the database related to the accountant module to prevent dataloss.

7th Pay Commission latest news: Gratuity limit doubled from Rs 10 lakh to Rs 20 Lakh

New Delhi: In a good news for government employees of organised sector, the central government has decided to increased the gratuity limit to Rs. 20 lakh from Rs. 10 lakh, on the recommendation of 7th pay commission panel.

The decision came after a meeting between the labour ministry and representatives from states, employees and employers which took place on Thursday. “All the stakeholders—states, Centre, unions and the industry representatives were on the same page to enhance the gratuity ceiling from Rs10 lakh to Rs20 lakh,” a labour ministry spokesperson said after the meeting.

The unions demanded the removal of conditions asking to have at least 10 employees in an establishment and minimum five years of service for payment of gratuity. Business portal NDTV profit quoted Manoj Nagpal, CEO of Outlook Asia Capital, saying it is not advisable to put money entirely into debt as, “chances are that one might run out of his/her corpus.” He added, “They have to plan for next 20-25 years as the life expectancy has increased significantly. It is advisable that a person puts at least 20-25 per cent in equities.”

“While accepting the maximum payment limit of Rs 20 lakh as an interim measure, the unions demanded that the ceilings/ limit with respect to number of employees and years of service should be removed,” the All India Trade Union Congress (AITUC) said in a statement. “The central trade unions have been urging the government that the ceiling in the amount of gratuity should be removed,” the statement further read.

At present, as per the Payment of Gratuity Act, an employee is required to do a minimum service of five years to become eligible for gratuity amount. Moreover, the Act applies to those establishments where the number of employees is not less than 10.The statement said the application of amended provision regarding maximum amount should be made effective from January 1, 2016 as done in the case of central government employees.

February 25, 2017




·       Reserve bank of india announced Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme 2016-17 – Series IV on 23.02.2017. The same was communicated to the downline  vide DO NO.36-04/2017 –BD & MD  dtd 23.02.2017 i.e. on the day of announcement itself.


                                                  At the same time


·       Ministry of Finance, Dept.of Expenditure in its Memorandum  F.No S-11012/2/3(17)/RBI/2015/RBD/74-124 dtd 23.02.2017 communicated  to all the departments regarding payment of salaries on 27.2.2017 for the month of February 2017 on account of Strike call given by United Forum of Bank Unions.


But, the same was not communicated so far to the downline.  Hence,



24*7 DOP ATM functioning _ Sify Switch connection to ATM machine

This is bring to your kind notice that many ATM sites are disconnecting the power to  SIfy Switch while leaving the offices .


When NSP1 is down PO staff are switching off the NSP1 modem and shifting to NSP2.

In this conenction pl instruct all ATM site Postmasters/Users for not to disconnect power supply to SIFY Switch.  DOP ATM should function 24*7.  Whenever SIFY Switch restarted for any purpose , ATM should also restart.

With Regards and Thanks,

CBS Circle Monitoring Team,
O/o The Circle Processing Centre,
A.P Circle,Hyderabad-18

Contact :040-23428353

February 24, 2017

New AP Online DBT Portal for NeFMS payments

All the NREGS accounts created in AP Online are migrated to Finacle server (CBS). If the account number is old one, payment can be made by selecting Non-NeFMS option in POTD. Now wage seeker may approach for payment in which there will be CBS account number. Payment can be made in POTD by selecting the NeFMS option. But transactions of such payments will not appear in the DBT Portal http://appost.aponline.gov.in/ but such transactions can be viewed in the new portal

Same user name and password used for DBT portal can be used for the above site. Payments made in both new and old websites of AP Online to be totaled to tally with the payments made in POTD.

Click here to download the material regarding NeFMS payments in POTD.

Department of Posts is a Central Government Department under Ministry of Communication & IT

First Post office was established in 1727 in kolkata, in 1786, Chennai GPO was established , in 1793 Mumbai GPO was established. Indian Post office act was enacted in 1854.

There are,

Total Post offices-154882
POs in rural-------139182
POs in Urban------15700
Base circle(Army P.S)--1
PO Divisions---------446
PSF & Seals, Aligarh---1
Fgn philatelic Bureau- 1
philatelic Bureaus------81
RMS Dns-------------69
Night P.Os-----------155
Sorting Hubs---------89
MMS vehicles-------1309
MMS units-------------96
Fullfledged workshops-17
Postal holiday Homes--40
Postal Staff Quarters-26871
Deptl Staff quarters--22324
Rented Staff quarters--4547
Postal sports board------1
Floating post office------1(Dal Lake, Srinagar)
Postal Bag Office-------1
Postal dispensaries----33
Sevottam P.Os--------78
Deptl bldg-----------4436
Rented bldg--------20162
Rent Free bldg-------1711
Postal Civil Wing--------1
Heritage bldgs--------38
Heritage bldgs in TN---3Ooty, Ch. GPO, Nagapatnm

Social Security Schemes

Disbursed through M.Os---12,770.8 million
POSB Accts-6150215.62m
PLI Policies--5.4 million
SumAssured-102 276.09crs
RPLI Policies-15.01 million
Sum assured-79,466.46 crs

Total staff

Group A------------576
Group B gazetted---333
Group B nongztd---4941
Group C----------161003

Women staff

Group A---------------65
Group B gazetted-----286
Group B non gztd-----807
Group C------------30168

Our Products

Mails:- Postcard,ILC,ALC,Regd Post, Speed post, Registered parcel, sample/pattern packet, regd newspaper, book packet printed books,book packet,book packet periodicals, blind literature packet, COD, V.P,Insured,Business reply Permit, Post box, Post bag F.Ms SAL, BulkBag etc., etc.,

Remittance service

Electronic money order, IMO, FMO,IFS, Videsh M.O, IPO, FPO,Money gram etc., etc.,

B.D Products:-

Epost, pack post, logistic post, post shoppe, forex service, WUMTs, WNX, sale of Penta mobile, sale of Chotu kool, print Post, retail post,greetings post,Data post, Address proof card, bill post, Direct Post, Business post, EB bills,Media Post,NPS, MGNREGS etc., etc.,
Insurance:- PLI & RPLI

Savings Bank


Our Department is a big big department with rich History. Work is on increasing scale. Salary is not bad. Our Staff and Network are our strengths. Yes, we lost monoploy and facing competition from private players. Much Depends on effective policy formulation by Govt.Its a public service Dept not a commercial company so we are running under loss. For e.g Our Savings bank funds belongs to finance ministry not to us. Like this, we operate with lot of constraints. Dont judge without knowledge.I hope you would have got aware of this Prestigious Institution.

Disbursement of Salary for the month of February 2017 on 27.02.2017

February 23, 2017

Reversal of Wrongly Deposit in BO RICT Machine

Sometime BPM deposit wrong amount in SB account due to typo error. In RICT Device there is no option to reversal this transaction. Now following procedure has to be adopted by SOL.

  • Freeze the SB account
  • Record the Transaction in Error Book.
  • Intimate your Divisional office to prepare a letter of reversal in the name of Manager CEPT, Chennai with following detail for reversal
1. Account No.
2. SOL id -
3. SOL Name -
4. BO Id -
5. BO Name :
6. Date of Transaction :
7. Amount :
8. Transaction ID.
9. Transaction Mode.
10. Remarks : (Details of Issue)
Now email the Divisional office letter and transaction list generated by BO Device to your CPC for raising the Ticket. CEPT will do the reversal.

Central Government Introduced Free Anti-Virus for PC and Mobile

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Ravi Shankar Prasad, Hon’ble Minister of Electronics and Information Technology said, “India is going to take a lead in the digitization process of the world. India today joined the distinguished club of countries that have malware cleaning systems for the use of its citizens. As of now, we have 13 Banks & internet service providers using this facility. With the expanding digital footprint in the country, I see a surge in start-ups in the area of cyber security by the end of the year”

“With the expanding role of Information and Communication technology across sectors and growth in volume of transactions and data exchange via internet, Cyber Security as reiterated by Hon’ble Prime Minister, has emerged as the most critical factor when we move towards Digital India. Combating cyber threats is not something that can be done just by the government or an organisation or an individual alone. It requires a partnership approach. This centre being launched today will work in coordination with the Internet Service Providers and Industry. This Kendra will also enhance awareness among citizens regarding botnet and malware infection along with measures to be taken to secure their devices”, added Shri Ravi Shankar Prasad.

Given below are details of some of the tools released for citizens:

  • USB Pratirodh -A desktop security solution, which protects from USB mass storage device threats.
  • AppSamvid – A desktop solution which protects systems by allowing installation of genuine applications through white listing. This helps in preventing threats from malicious applications.
  • M-Kavach – An indigenously developed solution to address the security threats in mobiles.
For downloading the free bot & malware removal tools, please visit: (www.cyberswachhtakendra.gov.in)

Source: PIB News

February 22, 2017

Allowances report today and allowance hike from April 1, says NJCA chief

NJCA chief Shiv Gopal Mishra confirmed that the allowances report would be submitted on Wednesday.


New Delhi, Feb 21: Committee on allowances, headed by Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa, will submit its report tomorrow, claims National Joint Council of Action (NJCA) convenor Shiv Gopal Mishra. Central government employees were expecting the report to be tabled by Monday. However, the committee delayed the submission due to unspecified reasons. The report would pave the way for the implementation of hiked allowances as per the revised 7th Pay Commission recommendations.


"Government has made no announcement yet. But the report by Committee on allowances would be tabled tomorrow," Shiv Gopal Mishra said, while speaking exclusively to India.com. On being asked whether the government would make an announcement in relation to the arrears on allowances, he replied, "Let us see what comes out of the report. We are expecting the hike in allowances, as per our demands. We have to wait and see whether the government makes an announcement on arrears as well."


The committee on allowances was formed in July 2016, after central government employees raised several anomalies related to the 7th Pay Commission report submitted by Justice (retd) AK Mathur. The 7CPC report had recommended the abolition of 51 existing allowances, and subsumption of 37 others of the total 191 allowances.



The major point of grievance was the reduction in Housing Rent Allowance (HRA) offered to central government employees. As per the 6th Pay Commission report, the HRAs provided were 30 per cent, 20 per cent, 10 per cent for employees living in 'X', 'Y', 'Z' category towns/cities. However, the 7th Pay Commission report decreased the allowances to 24, 16 and 8 per cent of the basic pay.


Reduction in HRA has irked a major section of central government employees, who reside in rented accommodations. A section of the aggrieved employees have blamed the top bureaucracy for the delay in HRA hike. "Naturally, the common central government employees are more affected by the delay in allowance hike. The top bureacrats don't take higher allowances, therefore, they are not interested in the hike," Mishra said.


Apart from the hike in allowances, central government employees have also demanded Centre to provide arrears on the allowances. Since the date of implementation of 7th Pay Commission was fixed as January 1, 2016, employees have demanded the release of arrears on allowances as well.


Although the government provided arrears on basic pay while hiking the salaries on July 1, indications have been made that no arrears would be released on allowances. NJCA has confirmed that the employee unions would launch protest across the nation if the allowances are hiked, without the arrears. "Arrears are unlikely, but protests would be launched if they fail to release (the arrears)," Mishra said.


The date of allowances hike is reported to be April 1. NJCA claims, through its sources, that the government would be implementing the allowance hike from April 1. "It is most likely that the government announces the hike by April 1," Mishra confirmed. 



Read at: India.com

Handling of MOs/eMOs issued after 15.11.2016 for COD remittance

India Post Payments Bank will send money via Aadhaar sans(లేకుండా) bank account linking

India Post Payments Bank will be able to send and receive money through an Aadhaar and it won’t matter if it will be linked to a bank account or not, reports the Economic Times. AP Singh, interim managing director and CEO of the newly formed payments bank, told the publication that the Aadhaar will be made a payment address which can work with or without a bank account linked to it.

Singh, who was also a member of the Unique Identification Authority of India (UIDAI), also said that there was pilot with five banks which included the State Bank of India to test the model but the project did not take off due to the low penetration of broadband in the country and discomfort of mobile applications.

Note that Singh’s statement runs contrary to the Reserve Bank of India (RBI) stand. In a speech yesterday, R Gandhi, deputy governor of the RBI, was responding to why some non-bank entities cannot be allowed to keep accounts. “Our answer is simple. If you maintain “an account”, then you are a bank and you need a banking licence,” he said. “When you keep the money of the public in “account”, you are a financial entity taking deposits and you must be public trustworthy and so be regulated as a deposit taking financial entity,” he added.

To be clear, India Post Payments Bank does have a payments bank licence from the RBI. However, the UIDAI does not have a banking licence and as such, the Aadhaar cannot be used to keep an “account” of money. It is unclear how India Post Payments Bank will be able to offer the service or if other players in the payments industry will be able to offer the same.

The department of posts got a payments bank licence last month and began pilot operations in Ranchi and Raipur.
Aadhaar Pay and Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS)
Last month, the government launched a new payment mechanism called Aadhaar Pay which would allow any person with his Aadhaar number linked to Bank account, can make and receive payment, with a thumb impression alone. Note that this still does require linking of a bank account.

Note that Aadhaar Pay is not the same as the Aadhaar Enabled Payment System (AEPS). The AEPS is a financial inclusion product developed by the National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) which allows cash withdrawal, deposit and funds transfer at POS (MicroATM) through a business correspondent of any bank using the Aadhaar authentication.

Application Form for one time relaxation for transfer from AP<-->TS(option as one time measure in c/w bifurcation of Circle)

17 cash bags stolen from post office in Anand Vihar - Video

In a major case of theft, a group of robbers fled with 17 cash bags from a post office in Delhi's Anand Vihar area on early morning hours of Monday. Two security guards were on duty while the theft took place inside the post office. The police are yet to ascertain the amount of money stolen while CCTV visuals are also being examined. 32 small branches come under this post office.

Download Report on Allowances : JCM Demands - 16 Pages

Directorate Clarification on Bench Mark for promotion

Directorate Letter No. 20-45/2016-SPB-II dated 18th Feb 2017 regarding clarification on Benchmark for Promotion.

February 21, 2017

Orders regarding transfer of Divisional cadre between AP & Telengana

STOP- Personalized cards request being placed by SOLs

Dear SPOCs,

  This is in continuation of this office email dated Thursday, December 1, 2016 12:03 PM regarding non-printing of personalized cards wef 02.12.16 due to non-availability of plastic cards. However, it is noticed that still SOLs are placing personalized card requests and as on date SOLs have placed 5479 personalized card requests from 02.12.16 to 20.02.17.

   If SOL places personalized card request then the same cannot be printed due to non-availability of plastic cards. In such cases SOLs are issuing instant card on later date with/without deleting personalized card requests which will not get activated leading to customer complaints. Also once the personalized card request placed and deleted on later dates will not get deleted technically since the data has already been downloaded at our end. For any CIF either instant or personalized card request should only be placed.

Till such time, diversion of Instant cards may be done to needy offices as intimated earlier with the correct procedure.

  Hence, issue strict instructions to each and every SOL of your Circle to stop placing personalized cards with immediate effect.  

Thanks & regards,
Incharge Operations, DOP ATM Unit
CBS-CPC, 4th Floor, Bengaluru GPO Building
080-22850173, 18004252440

Procedure for Name Transfer of certificates in KVP for old series of certificates

Following clarifications are issued, which may be circulated to all CBS Post Offices:- 

After following the existing procedure of issue of Duplicate Certificate and approval from the competent authority, Head Post Office shall do Duplicate passbook printing by the two steps mentioned below :- 
  1. Use CSCACM to change the Account Statement option from 'Deposit Receipt' to 'Passbook' 
  2. Duplicate PB issue date should be entered by the user​ in the relevant field provided in addition to changing the Account Statement field. 
  3. Supervisor to verify the account in CSCACM 
  4. Print passbook using HPBP
HO should maintain separate register for recording details of issue of such duplicate passbooks. If certificates issued prior to 1.7.2016, Registration number and physical certificate numbers should be entered manually in the Passbook under signature and designation stamp of Authorized Official.​ 

Circle Processing Centre (CBS)

Abolition of Group B, C and D posts of Annual Direct Recruitment Plans for the year 2005 to 2008 under Optimisation of Direct Recruitment vacancies

EMS agreement signed between #IndiaPost & #CanadaPost in presence of Sh.B.V.Sudhakar Sec(P) & Sh.Deepak Chopra President&CEO of Canada Post.

      EMS agreement signed between #IndiaPost & #CanadaPost in presence of Sh.B.V.Sudhakar Sec(P) &                       Sh.Deepak Chopra President&CEO of Canada Post.

Data correction patch has been deployed on 19/02/2017 for Time stamp error in FINACLE

Dear Sir/Madam,
          Data correction patch has been deployed on 19/02/2017 for Time stamp error.  All affected accounts till 18/02/2017 have been included in this patch.
POs may be instructed the close the affected accounts .
Permanent solution for this issue is yet to be provided.  Infosys has informed that the issue is mainly due to cancellation of closure transaction. We are trying to extract logs for the same but could not get.
Before initiating cancellation of closure transaction, it is requested to kindly share the mobile number to helpdesk team to extract the logs. It has also been decided to execute this data correction patch once in 2 days till permanent solution is given.
It is requested to kindly revert in case of any issues on the above.

Thanks and Regards
Gopinath S
Inspector Posts
Chennai 600 002

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