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May 12, 2017

Launch of Mobile Application for Real Time Delivery Updation on PAN India Basis

Post office work flow in CSI - Core System Integrator

  • STEP:01
  • In POS Back Office
  • PO Begin
  • Login to POS BO
  • PO Operation
  • PO Begin
  • Received Cash/Stamp Stationary From F and A
  • Counter Allocation
  • cash/Stamp Supply to Counter
  • STEP: 02
  • In POS
  • Shift Begin
  • Accept Allocation
  • Do the Transactions
  • STEP: 03
  • If It is Delivery Office
  • Login to SAP
  • Go to DOP Main Screen
  • GO to LSS
  • Select Post office
  • Click on Enter
  • Click on Shift Open
  • STEP:04
  • Go to DPMS
  • Do the Transactions Like Bag Receiving , Bag Opening, Issue to Postman, Issue eMO ,Cash to Postman
  • Enter Mis-sent Articles /redirected Articles in DPMS for Despatch
  • For Despatch of Articles
  • STEP:05
  • Login to POS Back office
  • GO to IPVS
  • Close Bag
  • Print Manifest
  • Despatch Bag
  • Print Mail List
  • STEP:06
  • POS Counter
  • Balance Transfer to Back Office Supervisor/Treasurer
  • Approve at Back Office
  • Do Money Order Approval at Back office Superisor
  • POS Account Submission
  • Approve at Back Office Supervisor
  • POS Shift End
  • Cash/Stamp Stationary Send to F and A by Back Office and Make Cash In Hand 0.
  • STEP:07
  • In DPMS
  • Take all types of returns from Postman
  • Take Cash From Postman
  • EOD Confirmation of Postman
  • DO LSS Set Closure Process
  • STEP:08
  • Go to POS Back Office
  • Do PO Account Submission
  • Do PO End.

May 8, 2017


The Act is applicable to all Women who are employed in any capacity directly or through any agency i.e either on Contractual or as Consultant.



1. It's compulsory for postman to carry Mobile in field / door step of the customer.

2. All type articles will be delivered by the Postman through postman Application.

3. Customer signature and thumb impression will take on mobile devices using Postman Application.

.4. After delivery of articles data uploaded on website at the same time/ immediately.

5. In morning article data collect through data cable from computer and same give return in evening

6. Mobile should be handed over to Treasurer in Treasury in evening

7. Games, other unauthorized applications and data's are prohibited.

8. At initial Stage Postman delivered article in both delivery slip and Mobile application, they will move only with application in later date if they specialist in Postman Mobile Application 

Passbook printer settings for individual Finacle Counter PC

Click here to Download

Note: Incase of KVP/NSC passbook printing left margin should be 0.5in or greater. You can modify the margin either in IE or passbook_print form in Devices and Printers.

May 5, 2017

Supply of POS (Swipe Machines) to all HOs in India

Click below to download the detailed report

Click Here to view the list of Head Offices to which SBI POS machines are being supplied for use in MPCM counter of Head Post Offices for booking of registers/speed post articles.

New McCamish Receipt and Passbook Printer Settings (Revised) in one PC

McCamish Receipt and Passbook Printer Settings (Revised) in one PC:

1.   Goto “ Devices and Printers “

2.   Select Your default printer(like Epson,TVS Compuprint SP40Plus,Generic IBM etc)

3.   Click on “ Print Server Properties “(see on top in the above pic)

4.   Then tick mark “ Create new form” and enter form name as “McCamish_Print”

5.   Paper Size: width-6.50in, height-1.97in, left-0.20in, right-0.00in, top-0.194in, bottom-0.201in and click on save form. Click on close.

6.   Create another new form with name “ Passbook_Print “  with Paper Size: width-8.20in, height-5.80in, left-0.20in, right-0.00in, top-0.80in, bottom-0.75in and click on save form. Click on close.

7.   Right click on printer and select “Printing Preferences “option. Click on Advanced.

8.   Select paper size as “McCamish_Print” from drop down list.

9.   In Graphic option select Print quality and set maximum. For example 240*144 or 240*216 or 180*180(for passbook printer) which is available for your printer.

10. In printer features, select “High-speed: Off “for Epson printers. For other printers choose “enable Uni-Direction” option for best printing.
11. Click on apply, Ok.
12. Open Internet explorer->File->Page Setup.
13. Select paper size as “McCamish_Print” from dropdown list, paper orientation: “portrait”, “enable shirk – to – fit”. And give margin (inches) as: right-0.50 and click on “Change Font”.

14. Select Font as “Courier”, font style as “Regular” and font size as “12” and click OK.

15. Select Paper size in Printing Preferences→Advanced as McCamish_Print for McCamish receipt printing (Make sure that Printer select as default). Close the IE browser if already open and reopen the browser. You can also use “New session” option in IE.
16. Select Paper size in Printing Preferences→Advanced as Passbook_Print, deselect “Enable Shrik-to-Fit” in IE for Finacle passbook printing (Make sure that TVS CompuprintSP40Plus / Olivetti Printer select as default). Close the IE browser if already open and reopen the browser. You can also use “New session” option in IE.
Note: Do not select Paper Size from IE Page Setup after settings installed properly. And have a look at your page setting in preview pane as follows before going to printing: (IE→File→Page Setup)

17. Now your printer is ready for McCamish Receipt and Passbook Printing in one PC. These setting were tested and OK.
18. For installation of TVS CompuprintSP40Plus passbook printer/queries, you may contact me at: “spm.rayakuduru.so@gmail.com

Transfers in the cadre of Inspector of Posts in Vijayawada Region : Andhra Pradesh Circle

May 4, 2017

NJCA Chief met Cabinet Secretary

NJCA demands arrears from January 2016 in meeting with Cabinet Secretary

Date : 4.5.2017

7th Pay Commission Allowance News: NJCA demands arrears from January 2016 in meeting with Cabinet Secretary

The NJCA chief Shiv Gopal Mishra met Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha and urged the timely implementation of the Committee on Allowances' report on higher allowances under the 7th Pay Commission.

New Delhi, May 4: The National Joint Council of Action (NJCA), the consolidated body of employee unions that has been leading the negotiations related to 7th Pay Commission, held meeting with Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha and reiterated demand of arrears on higher allowances from January 2016. The NJCA chief Shiv Gopal Mishra met Cabinet Secretary P K Sinha and urged the timely implementation of the Committee on Allowances' report on higher allowances under the 7th Pay Commission. Finance Secretary Ashok Lavasa led Committee on Allowances, which examined the 7th pay commission s recommendations on allowances, submitted its report to the finance ministry on April 27. But the Union Cabinet is yet to approve the recommendations of the Lavasa panel.

We met Cabinet Secretary PK Sinha and conveyed our concerns. On arrears, we said employees should be given the amount pending from January, 2016. It is their due right," NJCA chief Shiv Gopal Mishra told India.com. Apart from allowance related issues, the NJCA also asked the government to resolve anomalies related to minimum wages, fitment factor and family pension under the 7th Pay Commission. "We conveyed all our grievances. The Cabinet Secretary was asked to review our demands concerning the minimum wages, fitment factor and family pension," Mishra added. The NJCA has demanded upgradation of fitment factor from 2.57 to 3.16 for minimum wage revision. "However, we are not rigid. The issue (fitment factor) is negotiable," the NJCA chief had told India.com in an earlier conversation.

On being asked about PK Sinha's response to the demands raised by union, Mishra replied, "He said our concerns would be considered. It may take time. We told him - how long should the employees wait? They have been waiting now for more than 10 months." The report on higher allowances under the 7th Pay Commission is being examined by the Department of Expenditure, and will be subsequently placed before the Empowered Committee of Secretaries (E-CoS). P K Sinha heads the Empowered Committee of Secretaries.

Though the Committee on Allowances' report hasn't been made public, the Finance Ministry said, "Modifications have been suggested in some allowances which are applicable universally to all Central government employees as well as certain other allowances which apply to specific employee categories. The 7th Pay Commission had suggested the abolition of 52 out of the 196 existing allowances, apart from subsuming 36 smaller allowances. The 7CPC panel led by Justice (retd) A K Mathur had also reduced the house rent allowance (HRA) from existing 10, 20 and 30 per cent to 8, 24 and 16 respectively.

While the government has provided arrears since January 1, 2016, the scheduled date of 7th Pay Commission s implementation, NJCA has demanded a similar release of arrears on allowances as well.

Cadre Restructuring Doubts and Answers

You may be aware of many speculations surrounding Cadre restructuring and its implementation. This article had been drafted to put an end to such speculation and to vent out the doubts in employee’s mind.

Consequent on Cadre restructuring, Only the posts were been upgraded.(wef 15.4.17 for Tamilnadu circle)

  1. Post of single handed and double handed had been upgraded to LSG
  2. Post of ‘A’ class and LSG had been upgraded to HSG-II
  3. Post of HSG-II had been upgraded to HSG-I
As per Recruitment Rules,
  1. Postal Assistant with 5 Years of service are eligible for LSG
  2. LSG officials with 6 years of service in the cadre are eligible for HSG-II
  3. HSG-II officials with `5 years of service in the cadre are eligible for HSG-I
  4. Senior most HSG-I with minimum 2 years of service are eligible for HSG-I Non functional Cadre.
As such, Postal Assistant irrespective of their GP will first be promoted to LSG only. Some comrades were raising a question that whether MACP III (4600 GP) will directly be placed in HSG-I post. No not at all, For getting promoted to HSG-I, one have to work in HSG-II cadre for at least 5 years of service. So they will be placed in LSG first.

So there are chances that, many HSG-II places may be vacant due to non availability of elibilge officials. So union is asking for one time relaxation to Recruitment rules for posting the officials. 

Query 1:

Whether MACP-II (Grade pay 4200) PA be placed in HSG-II(before Cadre restructuring A CLASS OR LSG OFFICE) after Cadre restructuring?
No. MACP is mere financial up gradation. MACP-II official is also should be treated as PA. As such they will be getting promoted to LSG first.

Query 2:

What is the tenure for single handed/Double handed offices, Treasury after Cadre restructuring?
2 years .As per Directorate order no 4-7/2009-vig dated 07.10.16 these Posts comes under sensitive posts . So they will be rotated after 2 years.

Query 3:

Who is competent for posting of PA in LSG post (previously single/double handed) after Cadre restructuring?
As LSG is a circle cadre, Posting for the LSG and above posts will be done by Circle office. So Posting of SPM in single/Double handed will be done by circle office. Divisional head can issue transfer orders only for Postal assistants Posts.

Query 4:

Whether System Administrator, Marketing Executive are LSG posts after Cadre restructuring?
As of now, they are PA cadre only. Only 59 Posts communicated vide SPOs letter no A/Cadre rest/LSG/Dlgs-I dated 13.4.17 are LSG Posts in our division.

Query 5:

If a time scale PA happens to officiate for more than 14 days in LSG post (i.e as SPM in single hand/double hand), whether he is eligible for officiating pay?
Yes, if an official officiating in higher post for less than 14 days, he is not entitled for higher pay. However, even if the first spell is less than 14 days but subsequently extended, the official officiating in the higher post is entitled for higher pay as per the Directorate letter No. 9-25/82-SPG/SPB II dt. 29.05.86.

Query 6:

Whether MACP-I (2800 GP) official working in single handed office will get disturbed after Cadre restructuring ?
May or may not be. It is subject to grant and acceptance of LSG. As of now, though he/she is placed in 2800 GP he/she is only PA. If that official was granted LSG he/she may not get disturbed else LSG official will be posted in that office.

Query 7:

A LSG official working currently in APM (now upgraded HSG-II after Cadre restructuring) can continue in his post?
May or may not be. If another HSG-II official opts for that post he had to work in other LSG Post. If no eligible officials, they may continue to officiate in HSG-II.

Revised Incentive structure of PLI/RPLI w.e.f from 01/04/2017

Revised Incentive structure of PLI/RPLI w.e.f from 01/04/2017

Click below link to download in PDF format 

May 3, 2017

T Code - Tool for CSI

TCode is a FMenu like tool created by srfix for the CSI environment. The T codes of SAP used in CSI modules of DOP are incorporated. I acknowledge with gratitude the help and encouragement given by Mr Sharath Kumar, CSI Champion of Mysore Dn in developing this Tool.

Source: srfix.blogspot.com

Transfer in the cadre of PS Group B - Andhra Pradesh Circle

May 1, 2017

Welcome to the Secretary, Department of Posts -- Shri Anant Narayan Nanda, IPoS

Press Information Bureau
Government of India
Ministry of Personnel, Public Grievances & Pensions
29-April-2017 18:20 IST
ACC Appointment

The Appointments Committee of the Cabinet has approved the appointment of Shri Anant Narayan Nanda, IPoS (1982) as Secretary, Department of Posts, vice Shri Boyapati Venkat Sudhakar, IPoS (1981).


Shri Anant Narayan Nanda, (IPoS, 1982), Member (Banking & HR), a peace loving personality and  a native of Balasore, Odisha having a Master’s Degree in History, another in Computer Application and also havinga Post Graduate Diploma in Management takes over the Charge of the Secretary, Department of Posts, Govt. of India.
After Shri S C Mahalik, former D G & Secretary (Posts), Shri A N Nanda is the second Odia to be place in this highest post of the Department and the first Odia to be the Secretary (Posts) after separation of DG(Posts) and Secretary (Posts).
Apart from a successful bureaucrat, he has also established a separate identity of his own as a writer. His creative mood swings with poems and short stories, book reviews and humorous prose, travelogues and photography, reflections and translations, both in English and Hindi.
His selective published works are “In Harness”, poetry collections, “The Remix of Orchid”, short story collections with foreword by Mr. Ruskin Bond, “Virasat” and “Ek Saal Baad”, short Story collections in Hindi.
He has already worked in different capacities in Odisha Circle, viz, as SSPOs, Director and PMG and Chief PMG.  His tenure as SSPOs, Bhubaneswar Division will be ever remembered for his pro-staff activities.

April 29, 2017




            Department of Posts has revamped the existing compassionate engagement scheme offered to the dependent family members of Gramin Dak Sevak. A GDS who dies in harness, the dependents of such GDS will benefit from a liberalized and time bound procedure for engagement on compassionate grounds. Henceforth, any death of a Gramin Dak Sevak while on engagement would be compensated by a compassionate engagement to a dependent family member irrespective of the circumstances or indigence. Upper age limit of the applicant could also be relaxed wherever found to be necessary. Thus the new scheme of compassionate engagement will provide greater relief to the members of the family of the deceased GDS who belong to weaker and poorer sections of the society and are thrown into penury and hardship. 

            The ambit of dependent family member has also been expanded to include:

            •Married son living with parents and dependent for livelihood on the GDS on the date of death of the GDS

            •Divorced daughter wholly dependent on the GDS at the time of death of the GDS

            •Daughter in law of the deceased GDS who is wholly dependent on the GDS, if the only son of the GDS is pre deceased.

            This expansion of definition of family members aims to bring greater relief to women in our society who are subjected to difficult circumstances in the unfortunate event of demise of their spouse/parent. 

            The present system of relative merit points to ascertain the degree of indigence has been dispensed with. Keeping in view the unique and distinct service conditions, socio economic aspects and to relieve the family from financial destitution, the time consuming process of consideration by Circle Relaxation Committee has been done away with. Henceforth, a request received for compassionate engagement would be considered and decided within three months from the date of receipt of the application. 

            Further to ensure least displacement, it has been decided that to the extent possible, compassionate engagement would be offered to the dependent of the deceased GDS, to a GDS post near the place where the family of the deceased normally resides.

SNC  (Release ID :161332) PIB 27.04.2017



Next date of hearing of GDS Court case is : 01.06.2017


RTP Principal CAT Case: Next date of hearing  is 12.07.2017

April 27, 2017

NFPE Dharna programme on 27-Apr-2017 at Bhimavaram D.O. & images

Dear Comrades,

        Photos of day long dharna  organised  at Bhimavaram Divisional office on  27.04.17  as per the call given by NFPE for early implementation of all positive recommendations of Kamalesh chandra committee.

Ch.Lenin Babu,
Divisional Secretary,
AIPEU Group' C 
Bhimavaram Division,
Andhra Pradesh Circle,

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