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April 22, 2017

Meghdoot update 7.9.6 for RICT rollout offices(Bhimavaram Divn)

1.  Prerequisite:                  
This update is given for the offices using RICT option already (Meghdoot 7.9.4) and updated to Meghdoot 7.9.6 recently, but not able to invoice eMOs to BOs in RICT.
2.  Installation/Up-gradation Procedure
* Stop all application related to eMO. Please take backup of emo database.
* Upgrade emo database by executing up gradation script provided using script tool.
* Replace existing eMOClient.exe with the new eMOClient.exe provided.
* Run the Postman_RICT.exl using script tool
* Rename the existing Postman.exe and copy the new Postman.exe to the application installation folder.
* Delete the existing EMODelivery.dll and EVPDelivery.dll files  and copy the  new EMODelivery.dll and EVPDelivery.dll files in the Postman folder and then register the same.
* Make sure that BOs are properly mapped in Postman –Supervisor-My office-Branch Offices option.

New features added
New Features:

1. eMOs can be invoiced to BOs even without printing of eMO form.
2. Once an eMO is invoiced to BO and data generated for RSI system then no deletion/modification be done for invoiced eMOs. However, invoiced eMOs can be viewed in the View tab of invoice screen (screenshot attached)
3. It should be taken care that if the eMOs are invoiced to RSI BOs then returns should not be taken in Postman Module. Returns will be updated automatically from RSI system.

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