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March 2, 2017

Monthly Meeting items of AIPEU-Gr.C(Bhimavaram Divn) held on 02-Mar-2017


Ch.Lenin Babu                                                                                              28.02.2017.


                                                                  The Sr.Supdt.of Post Offices,
                                                                  Bhimavaram Division,
                                                                  Bhimavaram – 534201.

          Sub:- Submission of Agenda  and particulars of members
                   attending the meeting – reg.

Respected Sir,

          This is regarding submission of Agenda for  monthly meeting and particulars of members to attend monthly meeting which is scheduled  to be held on  02.03.201. The following officials are proposed to attend the meeting.

1.Com.Ch.Lenin Babu,  Postmaster Gr-1, Sivaraopeta S.O.

2.Com.T.V.K.Somayajulu, P.A., Tanuku H.O.

3.Com.Ch.Narayana Murthy, S.P.M., Rustumbada S.O.

4.Com.T.Venkanna Rao, P.A., Bhimavaram H.O.

The following  items may kindly  be placed in the agenda:-

1.Request for Immunity Transfer:- Com.L.Sanjeeva Rao, SPM, Yelurupadu has been elected as Treasurer in the last Divisional Conference of A.I.P.E.U. Group’C held on 04.12.2016. The official and the Divisional Union have  submitted its representations for considering  transfer of the official to the Headquarters i.e. Bhimavaram on immunity grounds as per the provisions contained in the directorate orders. But, the same is yet to be ordered. This Union once again requests the kind authorities to consider the same as early as possible for smooth functioning of divisional union.

2.Request for Identification of L.R.Strength:- L.R. strength is not identified from the last couple of years. The same was brought into the notice of the administration in the previous monthly meetings. This was placed as an item in the monthly meeting dtd. 03.04.2016. Administration informed that the work is under process and the item was marked as closed. But, it appears that no action has been taken so far.

3.Request for supply of adequate stock of paper at least for 3 months requirement.  Placing request for supply of paper became a regular duty to all  postmasters since adequate quantity of paper is not being supplied on any occasion. Previously, indents were supplied on Half year requirement basis. Now this union urge the administration to cause supply  paper at least on the requirement for 3 months period.

4. Request for passing all pending R.T.F bills immediately.

5. Request for payment of PLI/RPLI incentive for 2015-16. Consequent on implementation of McCamish software, it is very well known that the incentive/business performance reports are being generated in the software itself. But, incentive is not paid so far.

6. Issue of orders on enhancement of FSC charges:- Directorate has issued orders on enhancement of FSC charges to all the officials. But the same has not been communicated. Kindly issue necessary instructions to circulate the orders up to down level.

7. Request for getting repairs to the UPS system provided for Bhimavaram H.O.

8. Supply of computer chairs:- This item was brought into the notice of the Hon’ble D.P.S., Vijayawada Region in the presence divisional administration. Hon’ble D.P.S has positively responded and issued instructions on the subject. Hence, it is requested to process the same immediately.

9. Request for grant of Treasury Allowance:-Treasurer, Sivaraopeta assumed charge on 19.2.2015. His tenure completed and relieved. But, Treasury allowance is not sanctioned by the competent authority even after completion of his tenure though the statistics have been submitted to Divisional office well in time.

10. Request for expediting the process of shifting Post Offices: One land lord submitted his willingness and floated tender 11 months back for Rayakuduru S.O. Even after lapse of 11 months, the SPM is unable to inform any constructive reply to the land lord despite his repeated enquiries. The same situation is also being prevailed in Sivaraopeta, Kalla.
Land lord, Palakoderu has submitted letter 3 years ago for enhancement of his FHR. No further progress has taken place in this regard.

11. Request for providing Complaint Number for technical complaints at Divisional office level:- As and when technical problems arise, SPMs are informing the same to divisional office over phone or by some other official means for seeking further assistance/Guidance. But, it is very unfortunate to mention that due importance/response and follow up action is not being done. Hence, if complaint number is given at D.O. level for technical problems, it will be very helpful in taking constructive follow up action and prompt response in addressing the technical issues.

12. Request for filling up of  all vacant treasurer posts in the forthcoming RT-2017.

13. Request for accord permission to Narsapur S.O. for getting repairs to  chairs. The SPM has submitted request 6 months back.

14. Of late, Officials are being directed to undergo various trainings without giving adequate time for making required arrangements. This is resulting in a lot of mental agony to the officials, especially to lady officials due to non availability of reservation and as well as in security aspects. Hence, it is requested the kind authorities to inform the same well in advance for successful completion of their trainings.

15.Request for deployment of Postal Assistants in sanctioned posts only in the light of acute shortage.

                                                                                  Yours Faithfully,

         ( CH.LENIN BABU )

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