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February 14, 2017



          A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) has been signed between DoP and Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) to leverage Post Offices as Employment Registration Centres as a follow up to the recommendations of the Group of Secretaries, appointed by the Hon’ble Prime Minister to explore innovative ideas for transformative change in various areas of governance.

2.       The project envisages enabling rural post offices to function as Employment Registration Centres for unemployed rural youth through National Career Service (NCS) portal, which facilitates registration of job seekers, job providers, skill providers, career counsellors, etc and updation of information of registered customers. The portal provides job matching services in a highly transparent and user friendly manner.        The tie-up is expected to build a bridge between the net connected urban areas and non connected rural areas, helping the youth to avail facility to register for employment at their doorstep hassle free. It will also provide access to the unemployed youth to a rich repository of career content on over 3000 of occupations across 52 sectors kept by the NCS data base.
3.       As per the MoU, the post offices would be charging the following rates for the services as below:
·         New Job Registration                :                 Rs. 15/-
·         Updation of Job seeker Profile   :                  Rs. 5/-
·         Printout of Application Form, if Any     :        Rs. 10/-

4.      Procedure for employment registration at post offices (HPO/MDG/SOs)
4.1.    Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) will create user id and passwords for all 811 HPOs in the country and these HPOs will subsequently create user id and pass words for the MDGs/SOs under them.

4.2     The Post offices will logon to National Career Services web portal  www.ncs.gov.in , run by Ministry of Labour and Employment (MoLE) using the user id and passwords  and register the details of the unemployed youth based on the details given by the him/her.

4.3     A print out showing the registration number and other details will be given to him / her for future reference after collecting the prescribed fee of Rs.15/- per registration.

4.4     No copies of the documents will be obtained from the customer.

4.5     The facility at post offices will be restricted only for employment registration and updation of the existing registration.

4.6     The amount collected Rs.15/- per registration will be credited under UCR with the remarks “Employment Registration Charges”.

5.      At Account Office/ Head Post Office

5.1.    The amount received under UCR with remarks “Employment Registration Charges” will be kept under UCR.

5.2.    Rs. 15/- collected from the customer will be solely for DoP and Not to be shared with Ministry of Labour and Employment.

5.2     The total revenue credited under UCR with the remarks “Employment Registration Charges” will be matched / cross checked with the details of registrations made in a particular period by a particular post office to be made available by the MoLE through MIS by login  to their web portal at least once in a month. Account Offices will also have the access to view the details of registrations made through post offices in the NCS web portal.

          5.3     HPO will include the receipt under UCR “Employment Registration Charges” in their monthly UCR schedule and submit to respective DA(P).

6.      At Director Accounts (Postal):

6.1     Director Accounts (Postal) will classify the revenue received in UCR with remarks “Employment Registration Charges” under Major revenue head 1201 Postal receipts for the time being till a separate revenue head is created for this purpose.

7.       The above procedure would be provisional only and once Core System Integration (CSI) project is implemented, the procedure will be reviewed and revised accordingly.


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