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February 23, 2017

Reversal of Wrongly Deposit in BO RICT Machine

Sometime BPM deposit wrong amount in SB account due to typo error. In RICT Device there is no option to reversal this transaction. Now following procedure has to be adopted by SOL.

  • Freeze the SB account
  • Record the Transaction in Error Book.
  • Intimate your Divisional office to prepare a letter of reversal in the name of Manager CEPT, Chennai with following detail for reversal
1. Account No.
2. SOL id -
3. SOL Name -
4. BO Id -
5. BO Name :
6. Date of Transaction :
7. Amount :
8. Transaction ID.
9. Transaction Mode.
10. Remarks : (Details of Issue)
Now email the Divisional office letter and transaction list generated by BO Device to your CPC for raising the Ticket. CEPT will do the reversal.

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