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December 7, 2016

Update the COD article Status in Parcel Net Website

Most of the articles are showing in Parcel Net website as Pending and those are actually delivered or returned to Sender and are to be updated automatically on Parcel Net website as the proper remarks has been updated. Those articles displayed as Pending in Parcel Net portal even articles remarks clearly updated in local databases due to some technical issues such as it was received long back/remarks wrongly updated and etc.

Non updation of those COD article status in Parcel Net has been resolved by raising ticket to CEPT Mysore with submission of certificate of divisional head.

The following sample format is attached for reference and resolve the pending CODs through  CEPT by submission of divisional head certificate.
Note: Once Submission of above issue is done in HDMS, please follow-up ticket. Script will be given by CEPT for update the status of the COD articles.

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