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December 8, 2016

Solution for the error "Already 1 PPF account exists for the customer with CIFID" in DOP Finacle

  • Generally in DOP we will open PPF/SSA account using the menu CPPFAO.
  • CPPFAO stands for PPF account opening menu in DOP Finacle
  • As per finance ministry orders customer should have only 1 PPF account in Post Office or in banks and for SSA maximum of 2 accounts i.e., 1 account for each child.
  • PPF accounts can't be opened as joint account where as PPF account can be opened through minor operated by guardian.
  • SSA accounts should be opened through minor girl child operated by guardian
A girl child can have both 1 PPF and 1 SSA account operated by guardian but in DOP Finacle it showing the attached error as shown in the below figure.

From the above screen shot it is clear that system is showing the error that customer is having already PPF account even though when we are trying to open SSA account.

Root cause of the above Problem :- 

When we are trying to open SSA account for a girl child for whom already having the PPF account operated by guardian then system will throw above error.
Even though as per our SB norms it is allowed to open 1 PPF and 1 SSA account for a girl child operated by guardian system will not accept this is due to technical issue in the DOP Finacle application.

Solution for the above Problem :- 

  • As per DOP norms it is said that a girl child can have both SSA and PPF account by using the same customer id (CIF ID) but system will not allow with the same CIF ID in the DOP Finacle application due to technical error.
  • Only solution for this case is to open a new CIF id for that minor and open a new SSA account in DOP Finacle.

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